I’ve been informed that some of you are having issues with the RSS feed for Broodhollow. I’ve used FeedBurner for most of my RSS feeds, but after hearing news that Google is quietly dismantling and burying the service, I’ve been hesitant to make the official Broodhollow RSS a FeedBurner link. After all, FeedBurner just packages the original WordPress feed, so it’s conceivable that you’d have the same issues either way! But for the sake of completeness:

Here’s the current, direct RSS feed: http://broodhollow.chainsawsuit.com/feed

And this is the FeedBurner version: http://feeds.feedburner.com/broodhollow

Having trouble subscribing to the first one? Let me know here! I want to make sure no one misses an update! You can also get update news by liking the Broodhollow Facebook page, or subscribing to it on Twitter. Have a good weekend!