I just received the following letter from a reader:

I’ve only recently discovered your work and haven’t dug into your Ichor Falls writings. However, I’m gleaning from the BH comments that some of the things going on have been foreshadowed perhaps by writing over there. I think it’s known that these two towns are in the same universe so I guess I’m just wondering if the Ichor Falls writing should be considered recommended reading for a Broodhollow fan? Or is it more that Ichor Falls writing may a spoiler for what is to come?

This distresses me a little, because while Broodhollow expands greatly on a few of the ideas at my old horror fiction site Ichor Falls, it is by no means required reading, or even recommended reading to enjoy Broodhollow. In fact I would consider some of it spoiler territory, but not enough to ruin Broodhollow. Not nearly enough.

In general though, if I make a body of work that requires you to hunt down and absorb a separate body of work — one which I’ve barely even mentioned here — in order to understand what’s happening, then I’ve failed as a storyteller.

I don’t want anyone to feel alienated as they read the comments and find themselves thinking that they’ve done themselves a disservice by not being aware of short stories I wrote five or more years ago. They are completely extracurricular. You will get the entire story by being here Monday, Wednesday and Friday!