Sorry for the radio silence, guys! I’m at San Diego Comic Con, booth 1235, and it’s been a hectic couple of days. I wanted to get a couple of answers to common questions here on record before I dive back into the con.

  • The biggest news: the Book 1 Kickstarter funded in six hours! Thank you! We’re well into stretch goals now. The current goal is at $85,000, and will unlock a regular, ongoing creepypasta video review series from me! I really want to make an entertaining exploration of popular scary stories from around the internet: Slenderman, Dead Bart, Squidward’s Suicide, and so on! My own story, Candle Cove, will also be fair game for review.
  • Broodhollow Book 2 will start no later than October. I’d love to get it up sooner than that! 
  • I will be posting new Broodhollow content here on the site between now and then, at least once weekly. I would love to get some new kinds of content up here — fan art, short fiction I write about the town, Cadavre strips, teasers for the second story, and so on. And of course, Kickstarter news.

Talk to you guys soon!!