I don’t know what to say other than thank you. As I’ve said other places, I fully expected to make the goal, but I didn’t think it’d be exceeded by this much.

Look at how much has happened — at the beginning of the Kickstarter, if you pledged $33, you got the softcover version of the book and 3 PDFs. Thanks to reaching so many stretch goals, the basic $33 softcover-only tier now looks like this:

  • Softcover edition of Broodhollow: Curious Little Thing
  • Softcover now has spot gloss and embossing, and is 1″ larger
  • PDF edition of the book
  • PDF of the sketchbook
  • PDF of all the rough pencils for each page
  • Pack of hi-res wallpapers
  • A 12×12″ Kickstarter-exclusive print
  • A new 6-page story in the book
  • A Kickstarter-exclusive town pride pin

In addition, everyone will learn a recipe for switchwater AND get an ongoing video series on creepypasta from me, where I talk about horror and fiction.

As we approach the final days I’ll be adding secret stretch goals as we lurch towards the final goal: a traditionally-produced 5-song EP download for all backers. If you’re interested in the above, or have been on the fence about it, I’d say pledge now! It’s about as ripe as it’ll get! At least two of those things will never appear in the store.

Also thank you for bearing with me here in the hiatus! When I finish the additional story I’ll post it. Once I’m feeling good about the state of fulfillment on the Kickstarter orders, we’ll start Book 2 here on the site (no later than October).

Thanks again!