Candle Cove and creepypasta in general got a shoutout on recently, and on io9 yesterday:

Since these stories are shared on forums, why not use the direct and unliterary vernacular of the everyuser to tell your story, putting it as an anecdote? Which isn’t to say that the story can’t be subtle and intelligent. Kris Straub’s ‘Candle Cove’, a ‘lost TV show’ story and certainly among the best creepypasta out there, does exactly this. … The last message in the thread delivers a chilling twist with Twilight Zone precision and force. And it’s done without the ‘500 kids killed themselves!’ excess that generally plagues the ‘lost episode’ subgenre.

I appreciate the attention paid! Especially the “500 kids” thing, which is what ruins creepypasta for me. It always veers too far into total ridiculousness. There’s a lukewarm review of Broodhollow on Goodreads that amounts to it not being scary enough, or taking too long to get going — I totally get that my type of horror isn’t everyone’s bag, but if the scariest thing to you is a masked guy lunging at a shackled teen, this is not a comic you will be satisfied by.