Greetings all — just wanted to share two Broodhollow writeups with you all on this cloudy Monday.

  • Robot 6 on Comic Book Resources has an overview of Angleworm so far, and how Zane’s situation has changed since Curious Little Thing. Pretty observant!
  • Webcomic Relief has a more traditional and very kind review of the webcomic as a whole.

I was surprised to learn that people feel like this chapter is moving faster than the first book, when previously the consensus had been that it was moving slower! The slowness has been necessary — with the focus of Angleworm being more of an investigation and less a supernatural spook-em-up, the scares have given way to tension. It’s hard to maintain that, of course, when we all know Zane is innocent of this wrongdoing, right?

I mean, I wouldn’t turn the main character into something he wasn’t already, would I?

That would be bad form.

Wouldn’t it?