First of all, thank you for waiting — I saw in the comments area people wondering if Broodhollow was dead, and if everyone should let it go. There was no way I wasn’t going to come back to Broodhollow. But given the choice between a rushed story just to get it up quicker, and a delay so Book 3 can be as effective as the first two, I’ll take the latter every time. (That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel guilty about the absence.)

The first couple pages of this chapter will be mostly what you recognize, but a few details will change, and then we’ll be in completely new territory. Book 3 is A Game of Oubliette and Other Stories, comprised of:

  • Among the Bowers. Iris’s story. Planning for an important holiday reveals more about her family than Iris expected.
  • A Game of Oubliette. Zane’s story. Wadsworth’s new obsession leads him to the truth behind the Skull and Shovels and their little parlor game.
  • Stimuli. Doc’s story. Dr. Angstrom confronts his past in a place he had hoped to leave it behind.
  • Eld Vernalia. A celebration of decay and renewal.