Rather than continue to hope that I will have enough time to climb down this creature’s throat, so that I won’t have to write an embarrassing “one of these posts,” I’m going to go ahead and write one of these posts.

Broodhollow is not dead — but I have removed traditional advertising from the site and the blogroll, because right now it is also not a webcomic. (At least, not in the way I like to define one.)

Broodhollow will always be available to read here first, for free, as will all the pages for Book 3 as I produce them. Being honest with an audience is easy; it’s being honest with myself that has been difficult.

Up until about two years ago, I could do everything myself: write and draw comics, do the backend, merchandise, corresponding with vendors, preparing my taxes. I didn’t want to believe that had changed, but it has.

So — I will need to hire additional help to get Book 3 completed. I’ve so opposed to asking for that, or vetting it, so that the work can be solely my vision. But so far, that has only resulted in nothing being produced. The road to open-ended hiatus is paved with good intentions.

I’m sorry you’ve been in suspense for so long, as you’ve only ever been kind to me. Thank you for being here.